About Us

The Midwest, our Nation's Heartland, is filled with abundant harvests of vegetables, herbs and fruits.  Two Chicago-based Mixologists are taking advantage of these locally-produced ingredients grown in their own backyards.  Angie Jackson, a Michigan native, has teamed up with Lynn House, an Ohio native, to bring you the best of the Midwest in the liquid form:  properly balanced cocktails using seasonally-fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

This dynamic Mixology team has joined forces to provide beverage consulting, signature cocktail development and demonstration, event organization for spirit distributors, distillers, restaurants/bars, and the general public focusing on the flavor profiles of the Midwest.  They have designed a series of cocktail classes that are tailored for the public, using the "local-first" approach that sources Midwest ingredients (fruits, vegetables, herbs), to create beautifully balanced cocktails for home entertainment. 

Together, these talented and amazing women have a combined 30 years of experience in the beverage industry.  They have worked together on numerous projects and continue to educate the public on prohibition-era classic cocktails using seasonally-fresh and locally sourced ingredients via cocktail demonstrations, spirited dinners, cocktail classes and spirit brand launch events.  They have consulted with top global spirit brands as well as small, artisan-crafted spirits produced in the Midwest.  Be sure to visit the Eat, Drink and Be Midwest Events page and feel free to contact Angie or Lynn at your convenience for more information on how they can make your Midwest project or event a success.